Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keeping my game afloat. Part 3 - Update

While staring at my blog, trying to figure out what I was going to post about next, I noticed that I was staring at my blog posts about the ships.

It occurred to me while doing so that I still hadn't gotten around to altering and printing the tiles for the Fo'c'sle, Crow's Nest, and Quarterdeck of the 3D Caravel I'm putting together.

So, as promised in the post before last, I altered the Fo'c'sle and Quarterdeck, to remove the yardarms (since they looked like they were actually sitting on the decks... not good), and I made the crow's next bigger, so that you could actually put miniatures on it.

In addition, I removed the yardarm from the Crow's Nest, since I figured I would do the yardarms separate, attached to the dowels I'll be using for the masts.

Also, I widened the stairs, since I figured I might actually make them into stairs you can place a miniature on, and I expanded the Fo'c'sle forward, since the front of the Fo'c'sle didn't match up to the front of the deck below it, and it looked better... plus adding the prow on the front of the Fo'c'sle seemed like a good idea too.

Next is to cut the dowels, make some yardarms and sails, and then put it all together.

A few days ago, while watching my Twitter timeline, I saw someone telling Mike Shea (of the Sly Flourish blog) about his Flickr pictures. I checked them out and saw this picture. It's pretty much exactly what I have in mind, except just different specific ship tiles. My only problem was figuring out how to keep the tiles attached to the dowels, yet allow players to have their miniatures on different ship levels and still have easy access. This guy's friend seems to have come up with a pretty cool idea. I just need to figure out exactly what he used. heh.

Update for the update... I just glued the Fo'c'sle to some chipboard, only to discover that it is too small. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'll have to re-edit them now. I still like how they ended up looking, though. I'm confident that the final product will be really cool.

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