Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gamma World

No pictures from last week's game. I forgot to bring my camera to the session. Too bad too, because I showcased more of my miniature "proxies" in this session. More on that, further down.

I think the game went really well again. I'm enjoying it. My players seem to enjoy it as well. They seem quite well invested in the wackiness.

There are times, though, when my brain kind of takes a step back from the game, while I'm running it, and points out how dull it seems... or how dull I'm making it... going around the table, each person taking their turns... the monsters taking their turn... ho hum. Then the moment passes. Or sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it lingers on for awhile, which causes part of my brain to start thinking "Why am I doing this? I'm clearly horrible at this."

I'm left wondering if this happens to "Neuro-Typical" DMs (if there is such a thing. ha ha). In this case, "Neuro-Typical" being those without ADHD. It's a simple matter of the dopamine response, really, but I am curious.

When I plan out the adventures, I have a lot of fun with the creative process. I laugh at the little puns or in-jokes that I insert into the encounters. I have one coming up in the next session that I've called "There's Yur Problem!", which the players will understand once they're into the encounter. heh.

It's just when I'm actually running it that this problem comes out. I wonder if I'm being boring. If everyone is just sitting there, just waiting for their turn so that they can get it over with and the whole ordeal will just be over and done with that much quicker.

I highly doubt that they actually ARE thinking that, by the way. At least in the Gamma World game, they're laughing and having fun, so I have to take something positive from that. Right?

Anyway, the session went pretty well. I still forgot a few things, but that was from the fact that I grabbed the encounter locales from the rulebook, and didn't read up on them sufficiently beforehand. Had I written everything myself, the details would have stuck in my mind better (hopefully).

Still, it was fun.

Now, to relate this to the purpose for the blog, I had snagged some Warhammer 40k Tau Drone miniatures off eBay.
I paid $8.50 for the lot (17 of them) plus $5 for priority shipping, when sets of 4 typically retail for $10. As you can see, they are mostly pre-painted, and they have these tiny little magnets on the bottoms of the drones, and the tops of the flight bases, so that you can transport them easier and then just pop them onto their bases when you need them. Very cool! These only had three bases with magnets, but I bought some more of the "rare earth" magnets off the internet, so I can now complete the other ones. I'll probably end up selling most of them, as I don't need that many. heh.

My players thought they were pretty cool. It's also remarkable how much these match the look of the various Gamma World robots that are stat'd up. Sentrybots and Laserbots, especially.

A while ago, I'd bought some "Rocket Raccoon" Heroclix figures on the cheap (about 25 cents each), and I'd won an eBay auction of mixed miniatures, which included these Heroscape "Airborne Elite" soldier figures. Some quick head, tail and helmet transplants, and I came up with these Dabbers (raccoon men):

They were similarly impressed with these. Craig, our usual DM, said "Well, I can't DM you guys anymore!" He better not carry through with that threat. I like DMing, but I don't want to take over his game. :)

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