Friday, May 18, 2012

Keeping My Game Afloat, the Finalé

Since moving back to Canada at the end of February, I have been without an official web service, thus I haven't had anywhere to upload pdf files. Then, today, it occurred to me that I've had somewhere to upload and store those all along... Google Documents!

I've uploaded my Baba Yaga's Hut model pdf again, so that link is now corrected and active, but I can also upload something that I've been wanting to for some time.

As the title of this post implies, I've been working on D&D ship tiles for some time. I started off by making some basic tiles from the Caravel deck plans in Part 1,
moved on to look for existing products in Part 2,
and then went back to my tiles in Part 3.

After Part 3, I went back to a different base ship than the Caravel, spent a LOT of time editing those plans in Photoshop, taking out specific details, widening the decks, creating additional decks, and working out all the details of putting the decks together into a functional model, and I posted the results of all that work in a new post, here, where I showed the final model I build for my friend Craig's Astral Pirates game.

After building that initial model, I got back to work putting the plans together into a document, along with the instructions for building the model, so that I could put it out onto the web. I made a few refinements too, as the one we used in Craig's game was something of a functional prototype rather than the finished product.

So, now I present, the HMS Freebooter*!

*I named it that just as a place-holder. Feel free to name your ship whatever you want, of course. :)

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