Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well, it had to happen eventually...

I killed one of the characters in my Gamma World game last session.

Unit D-5 will be long-remembered. How he'd spit caustic fluid in people's eyes. How he'd give people "The Clamps".

("You mean these clamps? These clamps that I use for just about everything and want to use all the time? Those clamps?")

Given how lethal Gamma World is, I'm actually surprised that there haven't been more deaths so far. There have been a couple of close calls. The giant bug that attacked them on their way up Fort Mountain almost killed Rad-Cat(TM), and he almost died again at the Battle of the Big Chicken, but that's it.

Fortunately, rolling up characters is fairly quick and easy, so, in the transient post-apocalyptic world that is Gamma World, another character showed up, and the group moved on.

Madame Blanc was the new character... a cryogenic reanimator. So, she had ice powers and she could summon an undead minion to attack for her. We named him Pierre. Icy Pierre, to be exact. He was always very fashionably dressed, even though his outfit might not be appropriate for the occasions he was called forth, and instead of the typical zombie "Uuuuuhhhnnnn" noise, he instead started out with that very stereotypical French laugh, "Hoah Hoah Houuuuuuuuhhhnnn".

And another thing that had to happen eventually... that will be our last Gamma World adventure for awhile. We'd have been done with the current Gamma World arch as of the end of May, and then would have moved on to an Astral Pirates D&D game, but scheduling conflicts have forced us to cancel the next two sessions of our game. I didn't want to hold things up for the Pirates game, since one of the players will be leaving the group at the end of the summer, and I wanted to give him as much play time in the game as possible, so I suggested we leave Gamma World now, and switch to the Pirates game.

It's a tiny bit disappointing, but it's not a bad thing. The disappointment comes from the fact that I was becoming more comfortable with being the DM, and I was having fun with it... especially coming up with my various little projects to make the encounters more interesting. Awww... I just realized that the group won't get to actually use that cool 3D tile truck that I made. Oh well. I assume we'll get back to the game eventually.

With GenCon coming up, I've decided to write up a Gamma World adventure to bring along with me. It won't be anything official, because event submission and registration has long since passed, but it will be a pickup game that I can play with my friends. I think I may combine a bunch of my creations for that adventure. :)

For now, though, I'm in the process of putting together a bunch of ship tiles for the Pirates game, including the ship the PCs use. It's a fun project. I have high hopes for how these turn out. I will post pictures when I'm done.

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