Saturday, May 7, 2011

One more time!!

Well, it turns out that last session of my Gamma World game actually wasn't the LAST session of my Gamma World game.

Things worked out for us to get together today to finish the campaign.

They started off by fighting some of the Gallus Gallus chicken men, who were gathering russet mold near a crashed alien ship, and they discovered that it was the alien ship, and specifically the green slime leaking from it and the mold growing around the slime, that was creating the Vegepygmy plant men that were causing such problems in the area. More popped up out of the slime/.

During the encounter, we took a picture to send to the two players who were absent...


Then we took the Purple Worm and the two Fire Elementals off the map and continued on with the encounter. :)

They defeated the vegepygmies and chicken men, with one of the Gallus Gallus' surrendering and joining the group. He told them that a bunch of Klickies, mutant cockroaches, had gone into the ship, to scavenge technology from it. The group didn't like the idea of the trouble these Klickies cause with alien technology, so they proceeded into the alien ship to stop them.

Just beyond the large hole in the hull that the Klickies entered through, the PCs found a few aliens trying to keep a couple of Klickies and a strange creature called a Neep-Neep from stealing stuff, and joined in the fight to stop them. Once they had succeeded, and began to talk to the aliens, they found that BlOB could, unexpectedly, understand them. He translated, and told the group that the aliens were saying a bunch of Klickies had gone through into the next room, where the Power Core was, and they needed to be stopped.

The group hustled on to the Power Core finding the room under siege!

An alien envoy was in the control chamber, trying to keep things under control, while another alien was up on the scaffolding around the power plant, trying to keep a klicky from reaching the power core controls. Just as the group entered the room, though, one of the other klickies ripped something off one of the other control panels, causing the power core to destabilize!

Fighting the Klickies, while avoiding the various "attacks" of the power core as it approached critical mass, the group used almost all their resources, but they prevailed, and helped the aliens to shut down the reactor to avoid a meltdown and explosion.

The day was won! The aliens repaired their ship. The group collected a shipment of chicken from the automated chicken factory and they delivered the shipment to LJ before leaving the planet.

One final revelation... the aliens did not know BlOB, or where he came from, but an analysis of his composition and genetic structure found that he was a byproduct of the alien ship's waste reclamation system. It was damaged during the crash, releasing its contents, which reacted to Earth's contaminated environment, and created a new form of life... from alien pooh.

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