Thursday, April 14, 2011

When will it end??!!

How much fun can you have with tiles, I ask you??!!

Well, for starters, I updated tile pickup truck that I made. This was a good start, but I put the design through a couple of revisions, and I took new images of the original model, and the result was this...

After I was done, I brought that over to Craig's where it will stay for the duration of our Gamma World adventures, because it is a little bit fragile. I decided to put some rubber cement in the slots, to make it hold together better, leaving only the roof as a "free" tile, so that minis can be put inside the truck.

Just the other day, I decided to try a motorcycle (since my Gamma World group has one). This design took a little bit of thought, since I would have to accommodate the base of the miniature. My first idea was to make three pieces, the front of the bike, the back of the bike, and a flat piece that the miniature's base would sit on, and which the front and back would slot into. That would work fine, but it suddenly dawned on me yesterday that each miniature comes with a built-in "flat piece". So, the final design became a front and back piece, each supported by a cross-piece for stability, and then a slot was cut near the bottom of both pieces which the miniature's base would slot into.

Check this out!

It's a little rough at the moment. I'm tempted to cut some of the white parts a bit closer to the graphic.

Now, I just need to make a few more of them, in other varieties of motorcycle. Next up... The Chopper. :)

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