Monday, April 4, 2011

More Fun with Tiles

Back in this post, you can see that I used a model of a Ford F-100 pickup truck for the pickup truck Jennifer's character started out with.

The model was very neat, and I think everyone enjoyed using it, however there is one problem with it... it is too small. I was hoping that I could play around with the model and make it possible for miniatures to fit in the cab and in the back, but it's just too small for that.

Craig has offered the tiles he has made using an old battlemat that got marked up, which he turned into various vehicle tiles (wagon, pickup truck, motorcycle, dump truck, etc), which are very neat, but I'm still keeping to my use of 3D terrain as much as I can.

So, in keeping with that, I turned this...

into this...

and here's a top view...

I used the same design as the cart tiles in the Desert of Athas tileset. In this version of the pickup truck, the back is 2x2 squares, and can now hold 4 miniatures, as it should be able to, and I'm designing the cab so that it can hold two miniatures inside. I'm just putting together the "seat" tile that will go directly underneath the roof, with enough vertical space to allow two miniatures to stand inside and still put the roof on. Once I've done that, I'll likely glue the truck together, to give it more stability, and only leave the roof tile as removable.

I'm really excited to put this into use in the next session, and I'm pretty sure that my players will like it.

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