Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Next More Miniature Conversions

I'm having a thought that I should turn "More Miniature Conversions" into a thing, and keep the trend going, sticking something different before it from now on. When my wife and I were first courting, we kept a "Wednesday" thing going on in our email subjects for quite awhile, so I have some faith in my ability (likely with her help) to keep it going for awhile. heh.

Anyway, in my last post I said that I'd post up the other miniature conversions I was working on, so here they are:

First up... The Pixies.

These are "Wasp" minis from Heroclix, repainted and rebased. The paint job isn't the greatest on these, for sure. They definitely need some touching up. The funny thing about these is that they are normal medium-sized minis, compared to D&D minis... so those are some pretty big pixies. heh. I used them in my last episode of D&D Encounters, and just told the players "This is what you'd see if you had a magnifying glass." :)

The funnier thing about it, is that I could have bought the same minis from a different set of Heroclix, and they would have been smaller. I actually am not sure how I missed that. I ordered a few of those this week, so I'll do the conversion on them too.

Next up... more Boggles.

These are pretty rough too, honestly, but good enough for now. They're rebased and repainted Mage Knight Squalid Gremlins. I hope to get a chance to clean them up a bit before they're needed.

Next... Xivorts.
In the Monster Manual 3 and the text of the Beyond the Crystal Cave module, Xivorts are blue-skinned goblins. So, I grabbed the Goblin Cutter minis from my copy of The Legend of Drizzt boardgame, primered and painted them up. Here's a sample:

Last, but not least...
In the regular Every-2nd-Saturday game I play in, we are the crew of an Astral Privateer Ship, and a member of our crew is Whizbang Whirclank, a modron. They don't make modron minis, so I thought I'd make one myself.

I made Whizbang by cutting up a Kythren mini from Mage Knight Sorcery, and combining it with the wings from another mini (who's name I cannot currently remember). A quick brush of Tin Bits paint, and some yellow for his eye, and he was done. This is probably my favorite mini conversion so far, and it was done mostly by the seat of my pants.

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