Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stuff in Mind

I've taken a break from model building after that last one, mainly to prepare for Dragon*Con, which is coming up this weekend.

I have several ideas in mind for my tile projects, though.

I'll be putting together some standardized sets of tile walls. A Dungeon set and a City set are the two primary ones, with a Wilderness set (with trees and rocks and bushes and the like) in the works as well. I think I have the right idea for the dungeon and city walls, and it's just a matter of setting out the correct set of pieces in each set to give the best, most flexible coverage. I'm also getting some ideas together for extra pieces... tables, chairs, beds, a bar, a cart with horse or ox, and a fountain... to add in to the appropriate sets. A bridge is also in the works.

I have a request from my FLGS representative to make him some Warhammer 40k terrain for the store, based on my chipboard tile designs. That should be interesting, and I'm looking forward to starting in on that.

I've been taking advantage of the sales on Star Wars miniature packs at Target over the past few months, and now that I've built up my personal collection, and I'm selling off the excess, an idea that has been floating around in my head for awhile is starting to gel.

I don't exactly remember when this idea developed. It's possible it was a culmination of collecting a bunch of Star Wars minis for my Gamma World game, thus having a lot of Duros Scouts (from the Imperial Entanglements set) to stand in for the aliens in Famine in Far-Go, and thinking that if I ever finally run the "Just after Order-66" Star Wars campaign I've had in mind for a few years, I should have the campaign centered around a Duros space station, to take best advantage of all these minis.

The idea is to create a modular tile space station, scaled for miniatures (25 mm = 2 meters). The station would be roughly circular, with a central hub Command Center, and an outer ring. Each part would have three levels. The lower level would be the maintenance level, with narrow access hallways to cramped maintenance and repair chambers and lots of filled space (machinery). The middle level would be the most open, but with various services... bars, customs offices, retailers, etc... and the upper level would be open to the middle level, with numerous personal quarters along the sides, and bridges spanning the central area, linking both sides. I guess it's starting to sound a bit like Deep Space Nine, now that I type it all out. I'll have to change that. heh.

The scale of this would be huge, admittedly; probably around 6 feet wide at the minimum, which is why this simply remains an idea, rather than a reality. If I was going to invest time in making this, I would need to guarantee myself that I'd actually end up using it, and that's just not a guarantee I can make myself right now. I'll start with designing some maps for the game, based on some of the examples and tutorials available on the web, and we'll see where things go from there. Designing it as a more generic set of "space station tiles" might be a better way to go, but I have this fairly good picture in my mind showing all the 3D aspects of it, and it's pretty cool. ;)

Oh, and I am also working on compiling all of my models on here into pdf files, so that people can download them and build them for their own games. Each pdf will include all the images you will need, along with a full list of materials and instructions, and I might throw in some optional ideas too. Selling anything I've designed here would just cause a lot of unwanted complications, so it will all be available to download for free.

So, stayed tuned, I guess, and I'll get those up on the site as soon as I can. Dragon*Con first, though. So, I'll get back to work on that next week. :)


  1. Hey Scott, are you on Twitter?

  2. Indeed I am. You can follow me @ScottyMet. I tend to post updates to the blog there.